Via Iuris is a Slovakian advocacy group focusing on the protection of the rule of law, promoting civil and political rights, citizens’ participation, and providing legal expertise in these fields.

How can it help you

Via Iuris is helpful in empowering citizens in their participation rights. It takes up cases where citizens are denied their right to information in environmental matters or when they are denied their right to participate in decision-making substantially affecting their life and interests. In these cases, Via Iuris can provide legal expertise and advocacy, including representation of the groups of concerned citizens at court. One of the major cases Via Iuris was engaged in, was the Pezinok waste dump case (1997 - 2013). The organisation was successful in winning the case at the European Court of Justice. The current President of the Slovak Republic Zuzana Čaputová was that time one of the lawyers engaged in the case on behalf of Via Iuris and the citizens of Pezinok. 

Via Iuris runs a special project called Citizens’ Compass (Občiansky kompas) providing guidance about enforcement of various forms and mechanisms of citizens’ participation.


  • Strategic litigation in cases related to civic and political rights, especially right to information in environmental issues and access to justice and rule of law
  • Active participation in drafting legislation related to administration of justice, independence of courts, rule of law
  • Providing legal expertise and assistance in matters related to the administration of justice and citizens’ participation
  • Providing information and programmes to develop citizens’ knowledge and skills in active application on various democratic participation mechanisms
  • Publications, analyses, research

More information & Contacts

Tel: +421 948 158 393
Via Iuris
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Slovak Republic
Last updated 07/03/2024