The Slovak Disability Council (Národná rada občanov so zdravotným postihnutím v Slovenskej republike in Slovak) is an umbrella non-profit federation of approximately 20 organisations of people with disabilities in Slovakia, promoting and protecting the rights of peoples with disabilities having long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments.

How can it help you

If you are a person with disability, be it of mental or physical character (visually or hearing impaired, deaf-blind, autist, physically disabled etc.), the Slovak Disability Council advocates your rights and can protect your interests in the society.


  • Commenting draft legislation concerning the rights and living conditions of persons with disabilities, their full integration into the society and their social rehabilitation
  • Cooperating with the competent state and self-government authorities in order to improving the status of persons with disabilities and better implementing the related legislation into practice
  • Organising awareness raising activities, expert meetings, training and educational activities 
  • Dissemination of relevant information on the related regulations to member organisations, persons with disabilities themselves, members of their families, employers and general public
  • Engagement in the work of international organisations, especially taking part in the activities of the European Disability Forum

More information & Contacts

Slovak Disability Council
(Národná rada občanov so zdravotným postihnutím v SR)
Račianska 153
831 54 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

Last updated 07/03/2024