How can it help you

If you believe you are discriminated against and you wish to defend yourself, you can contact the Center. They may provide you legal advice, free of charge – they evaluate your case and suggest legal remedies. In specific cases, where they can provide you legal representation free of charge in a court proceeding.

The Center achieved first positive decisions before Slovak courts where they ruled about discrimination based on ethnic origins and awarded financial compensations to the discriminated individuals.

If you believe you are a victim of police violence, you can also contact the Center and they may, after evaluating your case, provide you legal advice and/or legal representation at court. The Center is focusing primarily on elimination of police violence with racial motive.


  • Protection from discrimination based on ethnic grounds, providing legal advice and legal representation to victims
  • Elimination of police violence, protection from torture, inhumane or degrading treatment
  • Protection of sexual and reproductive rights – focusing on cases of sterilization without informed consent and other violations of the rights of Roma women in their access to healthcare
  • Strategic litigation in above mentioned fields
  • Providing awareness raising and human rights training programmes
  • Drafting shadow reports to UN and EU human rights monitoring bodies

More information & Contacts

Tel: +421 908 69 55 31
Center for Civil and Human Rights
(Poradňa pre občianske a ľudské práva)
Krivá 23
040 01 Košice
Slovak Republic

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