National Labour Inspectorate

The National Labour Inspectorate (Národný inšpektorát práce in Slovak) is a Slovakian state administrative institution established by law. The National Labour Inspectorate is a supervisory body to Labour Inspectorates in eight regional units of Slovakia. The Labour Inspectorates supervise working conditions, and acts in matters of discrimination in the workplace as well as in the field of the protection of safety and health at work.

How can it help you

Complaints regarding discrimination in the workplace or violations of labour regulations

If you observed a violation of the labour regulations or any other deficiencies in the workplace, you can submit a complaint to the National Labour Inspectorate. 

If you as an employee believe that you were discriminated against or suffered other damage at work, you can submit a claim to one of the Labour Inspectorate regional offices. You can file a claim even after your contract has been terminated, however, you should do so within two months after you leave the job. You can submit a claim orally into minutes during a personal visit at the inspectorate, or you can do so by mail, fax or e-mail. You can also use an online form. In your claim, it should be clear what are the merits of your case and who’s deeds do you dispute. After admitting your claim, the Inspectorate shall carry out an inspection within 30 days, in exceptional cases the term can be extended to 60 days.     

You can also ask for consultation in labour matters, in this case you might use a special form, or you can do that by phone or during a personal visit at one of the regional offices. You can ask for consultations regarding employment of foreign workers.


  • Supervision of observance of all employment relations including establishment, change and termination of employment and monitoring of wage conditions of employees
  • Supervision of working conditions of women, especially during pregnancy
  • Supervision of the employment of juveniles (especially under 15 years of age), employment of foreign workers, people with disabilities etc.
  • Monitoring compliance with employment legislation
  • Supervision of breaches of agreements resulting from collective negotiations
  • Providing free advice to employers, to any persons who are entrepreneurs and to any employees, regardless of their employment relationship

More information & Contacts

Tel: +421 55 7979 902
Tel: +421 55 7979 904
Free anti-corruption hotline: 0800 500 205
National Labour Inspectorate (Národný inšpektorát práce)
Masarykova 10040
01 Košice
Slovak Republic

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