Vagus is a civic association helping homeless people through various programs aimed at providing basic needs, getting a job or clothing for them.

How it can help you

Since 2011, Vagus has provided assistance to thousands of homeless people.  It helps them to get and keep a job, housing or get out of debt. In its activities, Vagus applies a human approach, provides homeless people with basic needs, clothing and professional counselling, thanks to which they can more easily return to normal life. Vagus operates three basic programs – the Streetwork field social work, the Domec low-threshold day-care centre and the Integration Program. Through these programs Vagus has demonstrably improved the lives of hundreds of people a year at various levels, from acute assistance on the street to the provision of secure housing. 

Since 2001, the civic association Proti prúdu, founded in 2001, has been a pioneering organization in solving homelessness in Slovakia. The Streetwork Program implemented by o.z. Vagus was originally an initiative of the civic association Proti prúdu. The main tool of the organization's activities is the project of distribution of the street magazine Nota bene. The project has so far helped approximately 5000 homeless people throughout Slovakia.


  • Long-term process of support in the area of housing and employment of homeless people through the Integration Program
  • Operating day-care centres – Domec, where homeless people can eat, wash, socialize and where they are taken care by social workers
  • Identifying homeless people in the street and providing them assistance through the Streetwork program
  • Offering the possibility of leaving homelessness through the Housing Cverna Program

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