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Možnosť voľby organises specialised training courses on human rights of women, on gender sensitivity and gender-based violence, and on implementation of international human rights standards related to women. If you are a victim of domestic violence, a feminist activist wishing to improve your knowledge or skills or if you work in one of the helping professions, you may apply for one of their programmes.


  • Providing training for persons working in the field of prevention and elimination of gender-based violence, and women’s rights
  • Raising public awareness in the field of women’s rights
  • Organising civic campaigns, petitions and other forms of citizens’ participation activities in order to improve the legislation and administrative practice in the field of women’s rights or in order to prevent worsening the level of women’s sexual and reproductive rights 
  • Networking with other feminist organisations, engagement in the human rights advisory bodies of the government 

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Možnosť voľby
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