The Forum Institute for Minority Research (Fórum inštitút pre výskum menšín in Slovak, Fórum Kisebbségkutató Intézet in Hungarian) is a Slovakian NGO (think-tank) dealing with the rights, legal and social status and history of national minorities living in Slovakia.

How can it help you

The Forum Institute can provide you with detailed and complex data about the national minorities in Slovakia, especially those related to the history, social structure, demography, living conditions and traditions of the Hungarian minority, which is the largest national minority in Slovakia.

Moreover, the Forum Institute has secured for years the institutional background for the Roundtable of Hungarian in Slovakia. The Roundtable is operating a legal advice service for persons belonging to national minorities who believe that their language or educational rights have been violated or that they have been discriminated against on the ground of their ethnicity or language. You can ask for assistance via a contact form.


  • Providing archival, documentation and library services related to the national minorities in Slovakia
  • Research and analysis in the fields of history, sociology, ethnology, demography and culture of national minorities
  • Operating a digital database collecting and systematising complex and structured information about the Hungarian national minority
  • Issuing publications, organising conferences and workshops

More information & Contacts

Forum Institute for Minority Research
Parková 4
931 01 Šamorín
Slovak Republic
Last updated 07/03/2024