How can it help you

If you are a victim of domestic violence, Fenestra would offer you professional assistance and support. Its collaborators can help you in crisis situations and provide a broad range of services. Call +421(0)911 224 777 for a helpline available from Monday till Friday between 9am and 4pm. 

Fenestra is a leading organisation of the Women’s Safety Network (Bezpečná ženská sieť in Slovak), which is an informal network of women’s NGOs. At the Network’s website you can find contact information of all partner organisations of the network in different regions of Slovakia. You can also ask for consultation via a contact form.

If you need urgent help, you can call free of charge 0800 212 212 at any time of the day for a helpline operated by the Coordinating-Methodical Centre for gender-based and domestic violence.


  • Professional assistance and long-term support to women in crisis situations, including legal assistance free of charge
  • Providing complex, specific assistance to women based on their real needs
  • Assistance to children in crisis situations if they are victims of domestic violence 
  • Advocacy work– engagement in governmental advisory and expert bodies, commenting draft legislation and governmental strategies and action plans on gender equality
  • Involvement in drafting shadow reports on women’s rights, gender equality and domestic violence, international cooperation and networking
  • Civic activism – organising awareness raising campaigns, disseminating facts and best practices about the prevention and elimination of domestic violence

More information & Contacts
Tel: +421(0)911 224 777
Helpline: +421(0)911 440 808 (9am to 4pm)

P.O. Box F-12
042 92 Košice
Slovak Republic

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